is Offline

After five years BadPhorm is now offline. The fight against Phorm in the UK (the purpose of the site in the first place) has been won - Phorm is no longer on the agenda at any major UK ISP. That does not mean the fight for internet & personal privacy has been won, in fact the situation today is worse by far than it was when this site began. Today we have government threatening to pass legislation that will make what Phorm tried to do look positively benign, all in the interest of 'security' of course. ISP's are in danger of being turned into government data collection agencies - being mandated by law to collect & store every web site you visit, every e-mail you read or send and every update you post to facebook, linkedin or google+ for analysis by whatever agency manages to persuade a senior official (not a judge!) that they 'need' to see it.

To those who have helped & contributed to BadPhorm over the years, thank you.

Jim Murray
BadPhorm Admin.